• Company Name : Al Muntada Travel
  • Hajj year : 2019
  • Airport : London-Heathrow
  • Hajj package star rating : 4
  • Macca : Marriot
  • Star rating hotel in mecca : 5
  • Distance from Kabah (miles) : 0.2
  • Madina : Eman Royal
  • Star rating hotel in madina :
  • Distance from prophet mosque (miles) : 0.3
  • Depart Date : 02-08-2019
  • Return Date : 22-08-2019
  • Duration : 3 Weeks
  • People per room : 3
£5690 FLIGHTS: Indirect VISA: Yes Acc type: Shifting


Address : 7 Bridges Place, Parson Green, London, SW6 4HW

Telephone Number : 0207 471 8260

Web Address : www.almuntadatravel.com

Call : 0207 471 8260

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Mecca Hotel


About Us

Introduction to


In the past pilgrims, making their journey for hajj was very costly with high risky experience due to difficulties, hardship dangerous and insecure routes they had to go through. It used to take pilgrims from west Spain or Morocco to the Middle East one year there and back, so it used to cost than one-year work income, the cost of the hall year food supply and the cost of the journey. Therefore, indeed it was highly costly finically and physically 

In our days, Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed us with means of ease and comfort and made the Arabian Peninsula a secure and peaceful region to visit. So many Muslim are able to perform hajj and fulfil the last Pillar of Islam, it is only a matter of been nominated and having the cost of hajj services according to your financial capacity, therefore hajj is made easy for many Muslims today.      

Al- Muntada Travel in UK has been blessed and honoured by the will of Allah to serve Pilgrims in the west. During our 30 years in Hajj Umrah service Al Muntada Travel has gained a high level of experience in organising Hajj and Umrah trips, along with gaining the trust of Muslim pilgrims in UK. By the help of Allah, the full devotion, great work of members of staff and the full cooperation of our beloved pilgrims have been able to experience beautiful Hajj memorable Journeys.     

For Hajj 2019 we offering the guests of Allah two types of package that allows them to choose the package, which would serve their need. We have made available two type of packages that Express and Premium at an affordable prices with good, luxury hotels and private transportation.

We always ensure the guests of Allah, a good care and full assistance with a full Hajj educational program delivered by Imams, experienced religious teachers, and member of team and guides. We will be with you every step of the way in order to complete you Hajj correctly and according to Islamic teaching (Sunnah), and experience an inspirational spiritual and enjoyable blessed Journey.

These two package would serve UK Pilgrims according their finical capacity and work and family commitment We believe that these packages are great value for money in the market since they are none shifting Package, with multiple and extra service.

With Al Muntada Travel by your side, your Hajj Journey will be made easy, reliable and convenient.Al-Muntada Travel is your honest and reliable travel companion.


Serving With Excellence

Almuntada travel has been serving the community for more than 25 years. Thanks to dedicated staff and our reputation amongst those whom have traveled with us in the past, we have grown in number and strength year after year.


Our aim is to make your Hajj or Umrah
the best experience of your life.

Almuntada Travel Team


Package Details

Tour Details
Departure: 02 Aug 2019 - Return: 22 Aug 2019
  • Eman Royal– 4* Hotel in Madinah (7 mins walk to Haram)
  • Aziziya apartments 2 days before and after Mina Days
  • Marriott – 5* Hotelin Makkah (7 mins walk to Haram)
  • Ziayarah in Madinah
  • Visa Processing and Acquisition
  • Private Air Conditioned Ground Transportation (except Hajj Days)
  • Flight to Madina from London Heathrow
  • Half board Buffet Breakfast and Dinner in Madinah Hotel
  • Half board Buffet Breakfast and Dinner in Makkah Hotel
  • Full board Breakfast Lunch and Dinner in Arafah and Mina
  • Extra services in Mina – 24 hour Refreshment
  • 24 Hour Medical Assistance
  • Religious Guide: Dr S. El Qady, Shaykh Abu Bachir
  • Hajj & Umrah Educational Programme in Madinah, Makkah & Mina
  • Dedicated tour guides & Speakers throughout the trip
  • Multilingual: English, Arabic, Bangali, Urdu & French
  • Hajj Seminar in UK
  • Complimentary Gift


02 August: Depart from UK, proceed to Madinah
2/6 August: Leave Madinah and proceed to perform Umrah
09 August: Proceed to Mina, begin the rites of Hajj 
14 August: Leave Mina and proceed to Azizziya 
17 August: Leave Azizziya and proceed to 5* Marriott Hotel 
22 August: Depart for London via Jeddah


Price Includes

  • Visa Processing and Acquisition
  • Religious Guide will accompany the group
  • Hajj Seminar in UK
  • Dedicated tour guides throughout the trip
  • All transportation at the destination



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